David Jackson Shawe

Welcome to my website, currently my main domain is shawe.co

yolo, karma, breathe.

Craic fam. I'm David & I'm a Designer from Belfast, Northern Ireland.


I'm self employed and trade as Invisible Building.
I design, code, strategise, build and grow brands. With continuous study and natural intuition, I specialise in design for the web and my core source of income is through selling web to local business, creatives and fellow entrepreneurs.


Would you like to see more of my work? Have a read.


In 2016 Invisible Building took a three year hiatus when I studyed the art of Email Marketing, working nearly 38.5 hours a week as an Email Developer for a company that sent 7 batch and blash emails a week to a customer base of nearly 2,000,000.


You might know that I've launched a personal podcast. Episode 01 is out and you can listen for free at /podcast.
I'll be be updating it regularly, so stay tunned and get subscribed. Episode 01 is a solocast and I introduce myself, my why and hint at the topic of intuition.


Send mail to david@invisiblebuilding.com