David Jackson Shawe

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The Fear

This is the first blog post that I’ve typed in a while. It’s nothing special. But I am excited to put it online.

If you didn’t know already, my name is David Shawe and I am a designer born and based in Northern Ireland.

For the past few years I’ve been wanting to write more online. Less Tweets, Facebooks & YouTube comments but write actual blog posts. Posts kind of like this.

There has always been a fear holding me back. It’s like the fear you get the morning after a late night of drinking only instead of thinking of what you did last night you are worrying about the future.

Thinking up 100s of reasons not to put yourself out there. Believing there is no point. Being a web designer makes the anxiety worse.

Your mind races with thoughts like, should I build a sweet Wordpress Theme, do my posts need to be written in Markdown, but bro, all the cool kids use npm and maybe, just maybe, should I set up a Tumblr?

Not to mention the fact that in calling yourself a Web Designer your own website needs to be awesome, fully responsive, a beautiful user experience and made with fancy Bootstrap Jumbotrons.

Or maybe It would be cool & ironic to take the piss and build it in Microsoft Frontpage, host it on Geocities and fill the page with animated bouncing gifs.

Of course all of that is nonsense. What really is required. All that you really need to do, is to turn up write what you have to say, breath and let the rest fall into place.