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Super quick, high protein vegan tofu curry

  1. Heat oven. 🔥
  2. Slice tofu in to cubes. ⚔️
  3. Coconut oil oven tray. Minimal. 🌴
  4. Place tofu on tray and into oven.🌡️
  5. Boil lentils with water in sauce pan for ten 20 mins. (Make sure you wash them lentils) 🌊💦⛲🌊💧🔫
  6. After ten mins, flip your tofu. (Forgot to say add some spice to the tofu, I like smoked paprika.) 🎰
  7. Boil in a bag rice in a saucepan. ✔️
  8. Ten mins later.🌈
  9. Serve it all together, drop some curry powderz, nooch and other flavors from your cupboard. 🧠
  10. Eat up bruh. 😘